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Why Isn’t Your Fast Diet Working Too Well?

You’ve put on weight. Those favourite jeans are far too tight! Action is needed! Fast Diet Alert!! The answer’s easy to what you’ll automatically do next… You’ll start missing meals. You’ll stop having breakfast… You won’t have enough fuel in your body to get through the day… There maybe some logic to this… If you… Read More »

Fast Diet Tips – Let’s Blow The Myths About Metabolism Links To Dieting…

Can you blame a slow metabolism as the reason for weight gain and your fast diet apparently not working? Many people try this excuse – you must have heard this many times… They wail, ‘I can’t lose weight however little food I eat because I’ve got a naturally slow metabolic rate’… No fast diet success… Read More »

5 Easy Steps For Falling Asleep Fast

Suffering from a bout of insomnia? Tired of counting sheep? Getting to sleep can be somewhat of a challenge at times, however with the right amount of preparation it can be easily achieved. Here are some tricks you can try in your quest at falling asleep fast. Preparation – Like anything, sleep requires preparation. Start… Read More »